Tuesday, November 8, 2011

That's what I'm talking about

You know I want to see fathers succeed in being parents. You also know that a lot of people say they want fathers to do their part. You also know that a lot of those same people will turn blind eye and deaf ear to the very fathers that are trying take on the responsibility of being a father, if not contribute to the denial of them doing so. That's why I'm a bit glad (a bit more glad that the folks I'm borrowed this link from) to see that New Zealand is actually offering courses for teen dads.

This is a good example of just what responsible dads in the States should be getting. They should be getting help, not scorn followed by hypocritical whining about men needing to "step up".

I wonder if there is something in the States like this...


DaisyDeadhead said...

This is GREAT!!!! Now, if we could have this here in the south... wait, anywhere in the USA.

There was briefly a Boys' Club sponsored thing like this in Ohio, could not get funding (of course) and it folded.

PS: hoping you will write about Penn State? You like football? All the football fans I know are in shock. Its like they fired the pope or something. (And they should have!)

Danny said...

When I first heard about the Penn State thing I was in the hospital with my dad and it was still during the "OMG what's going on?!?!?!?" stage. And from there I'm working by day and sleeping in a hospital by night. Once things cool off I'll be backtracking to get caught up (hopefully I'll get around to posting on it).

But you are looking for someone posting on it go look up Toy Soldier. (I'll watch football but its not an obsession.)