Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So about that attempted rape in the new Harold and Kumar...

(I'm talking about the new Harold and Kumar Christmas movie. Well one specific scene to be exact. And its an attempted rape scene at that. Tread carefully.)

Yeah you heard me.

After being drained from sleeping in a hospital waiting room all week I needed a release so I decided to hit up the movie theater to catch something. Well when I got there the only thing that was playing anytime soon was the new Harold and Kumar Christmas movie (I was hoping to see Three Musketeers but its dropped in popularity and only played once that day, hours before I got there). I hadn't seen the second one but loved the first one so I went for it.

To put it quickly the film takes sometime after the second movie (Guantanamo Bay) and Harold has married Maria, moved out to the suburbs, and are trying to start a family (I have to admit I laughed when early in the movie Maria tells Harold to, "Fuck a baby into me!"). On the other hand Kumar doesn't seem to have changed much and is still a lazy pothead. Out of the blue Kumar gets a package labeled to Harold. He hesitates taking to him but does in the end. Long story short Kumar burns down Harold's tree (which is actually his father in law's, played by Danny Trejo) and the rush is on to find a replacement tree.

On one of their stops they end up at a party with one of Kumar's friends who is there to have sex with an online friend and the hope that they can get her Christmas tree for Harold. Well when said friend goes up to the bedroom to have sex with is online friend (who by the way is named Mary and she's a virgin...) he realizes that her father is a rather notorious mob boss. Here's where things go bad.

He tries to stop having sex with her but with her top of him she refuses to get off. Not only does she refuse to let him go but she reached under the covers and attempts to for his penis into her vagina (he complains that he can feel her nails digging into him). From what I gather he is able to get away from her before being raped and runs downstairs in his underwear. What does she do? She storms down after him mad and declaring that someone is going to fuck her tonight. At which point she grabs Harold and tries to take his pants off of him right in the middle of everyone.

You see the angle is that no guys will have sex with her because her dad's a mobster but she is anxious to have sex.

Now I can understand really wanting to have sex and I can imagine that it would be terrible to not be able to find a sex partner for reasons beyond one's control. But none of that really justifies forcing someone to have sex against their will.

You can call the guy a jerk, coward, or whatever for not wanting to have sex with a mob boss' daughter but its his choice to not have sex. Being a sexually attractive virgin that is anxious to have sex doesn't override the fact that the guy doesn't want to do it. And even if Harold weren't married there's nothing wrong with him not wanting to have sex with her either.

And I really don't appreciate how its being used as a comedy device either.

Raping guys or attempting to rape guys doesn't suddenly become funny when the rapist/attempted rapist is a horny woman.


DaisyDeadhead said...

These are old comedy routines from old movies, like in the silent days extending up to the 30s and 40s. There is often an attempted rape in these, a doofus-like man trying to rape a young woman and fumbles (I think Jerry Lewis took this role in the 60s) and he can't seem to figure out how its done. (Woody Allen even borrowed from this stock character for some of his earliest films*) She widens her eyes and in the silents, she makes a little O out of her mouth and rolls her eyes upward, which I guess is supposed to signify fear, but not like screaming-fear (which wouldn't be funny). This was pretty standard. So what they have done is turn it around for the present day, and make her a funny-voracious type rather than a male-Jerry Lewis- doofus character. It isn't PC now to feature a male rapist, so now they will rehabilitate this moldy routine with a woman rapist.

I wondered why it sounded familiar!

*Woody sorta deconstructed this at the end of the movie "Bananas"--where he and Louise Lasser (who he was then married to, she played "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and is a favorite comedian of mine) have sex under the sheets and Howard Cosell does a play by play, like in sports. Hilarious!

Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK9y_sY4dKg

Danny said...

Pretty much.