Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Halloween Post

So last Saturday I went to a small fetish night. Nothing major just a small show. But nevermind that the important part is that two things will stick out in my mind for a long time.

First I saw a Halloween costume at this show that pretty much put a damper on my night. There was a costume contest and one of the entries was of a black women wearing a costume which consisted of a drink and a sports jersey. Her costume? And I shit you not, "85% of the NFL, Black and Drunk".

I know...

On to something a lot nicer. I was found by a girl that I had not seen since junior year of high school. It was odd at first because this encounter started with a woman yelling my name out of the blue as she came towards me. The tip off here was that she was calling me Daniel and not Danny. The only people that call me that are co-workers, family, and people who knew me before Fall 1999.

Now for some back story. This woman actually had a bit of a crush on me in high school, a crush that I was not receptive to. And it turns out she is still interested in me. And I have to admit that I do find her interesting now. It would seem that that while the last 12 years have been very different for us we both seem to have grown up more alike than expected (and I assure you neither of us are the same as we were 12 years ago). Consider that we met at a fetish show. Although I never heard her say the words she appears to be bisexual (she was making out with both her husband and two other women at the show). She seems to have tapped into something that gives her the strength to simply do her thing during which not a single fuck is given.

So all in all I enjoyed my night.

How was your Halloween?

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EasilyEnthused said...

The wife and I dressed up in medieval outfits we picked up at this year's renaissance festival and handed out candy to cute kids from the neighborhood.

It might not seem like a big deal, but we've lived together for 4 years now, and this is the first year we actually had trick-or-treaters. Every year we prepare the house, turn on our porch light and wait - but this was the first year we had to re-fill the bowl. Great fun!