Monday, November 21, 2011

I find his lack of faith disturbing...

Oh Shatner done fucked up now.

Carrie Fisher responds.

As Fisher opens with they are two different things. If you want to see some shit that might be real in 2 or 3 centuries then watch Star Trek. If you want engaging characters that you actually care about then watch Star Wars.

Simple as that.


debaser71 said...

IMO Star Wars is better for the action. And Star Trek is better for the characters.

(new method of posting here...I hope it works)

Tit for Tat said...

They both seem pretty messed up. Shatner just seems to be a little more sober than Fisher. I dont even know why either one would even try to compare.

Danny said...

debaser you'e coming in loud and clear and thanks for dropping by.

I think for action it depends. In interpersonal action Star Wars takes the cake but when talking about ship combat I have to hand to Star Trek (I get much more out of watching the Enterprise go against a Bog Cubeship than watching Rogue Squadron throwdown against the Death Star).

Ultimately titfortat you're right. They are such different things that I really think the only reasons they are compared is because they are the two biggest sci fi franchises in America and they both have Star in their names (and yes I'm serious about that last one).

Oh and the fact that forever fandom out there there has to be some sort of reassurance that their property is the best.