Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being A Man 101: Chivalry

I'm a bit of a fan of visual aids. They make things so nice and...visual (lol). If you recall some time ago I did a small post on chivalry and how destructive it is to men. Well I came across a rather useful example.

A rather funny video I know but let's take a moment to look at what supposedly is the mark of a "gentleman".

First off notice the obvious disregard of the woman whose affections they are competing for. Mashing her hands, hitting her in the face, and not caring when things fall on her head. Quite cartoonish I'll say. I'm sure most people would point to this part, comment on how this shows that chivalry holds no regard for women (probably throw in the words "patriarchy" and "misogyny" for dramatic effect) then wait for the praise to and high fives.

Such people would only be getting part of the picture.

What they may not notice (or refuse to acknowledge) is that this also show how chivalry poisons the manners of an otherwise sensible man that would have some regard for others (and not just women). Along with the childish name calling this is some terrible behavior for a special type of man that is supposed to be superior to normal men. Promoting rude behavior as the mark of a gentleman?

And this disregard is not limited to themselves and women either. I can't be the only to notice how they treated the butler when they entered. So so far a mark of a gentleman is they argue like children among themselves over who is "superior", treat people who they consider to not be their equals as beneath them and ignore the women they hope to attract.

Next we have escalation. When no clear winner in a contest of name calling and arguing cannot be ascertained another way must be found. While I understand that people have different reason to fight I'm having a hard time trying to find anything honorable about taking to the field of physical combat for a woman. This probably has something to do with why the advertising division of the company that owns Summer's Eve thinks we do it all for the nookie.

Finally look what happens at the end of the video. After fighting to nearly the death and destroying the estate of the woman they are fighting over they leave, even though they think they killed her.

So as we can see chivalry does quite the bit of damage to men while passing itself off as the way "a real man" or "gentleman" acts. Yet time and time again all we ever hear is how it so badly harms women. Don't get me wrong it does do that but you're fooling yourself if you think chivalry is only benefiting men.

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