Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Adventures of Uncle Danny Ep. 1

Okay as you may know I dread the idea of having kids. This dread sky rocketed tonight.

I'm up visiting my brother today at his place and my sister came into town as well. Long story short at about 6pm I was on my way to taking my 3 nieces (12, 12, 7) out to Adventure Landing (something like a Chucky Cheese, Celebration Station, Dave and Buster's, etc...).

My heart rate shot up at the thought of having being their guardian for a few hours. Every worst case scenario shot through my head like I just knew something bad was going to happen. Thankfully nothing bad happened. They played some games for a while (and got to see their uncle play DDR), grabbed some shakes (Cook-Out owns your face), and headed back.

But one thing tripped me out about the whole ordeal.

You see they wanted to go there in order to have a chance to spend more time with me.

For reasons I recently covered that doesn't register well with me.

Now its true that I don't see them often (in fact one of the 12 year olds lives in Texas so I'm lucky to see her more than once every 2-3 years) but even with that in mind I don't understand why they want to spend time with me. I'm an emotionally dying eternal sad sack. What kid wants to be around that?

Oh well disaster didn't happen so I guess its a good thing and I should let sleeping dogs lie.

But I stand by my word when I say that Uncle Danny has no desire to become Daddy Danny.