Friday, October 28, 2011

When displeased, say something

If you recall last week I talked about that terrible new Dr. Pepper 10 ad. Its an affront to most of the people in this world that call themselves men (and its not exactly working wonders for women either). Well if I'm displeased enough to try to re-imagine it then why not say something? Good idea. Time to ante up. I headed over to the Contact Us section of the Dr. Pepper site to say my piece. Here goes.

Recently I saw an ad for your new Dr. Pepper 10 product and I must say that I am less than pleased with it.

You see while you may think you are creating an ad that appeals to men to get them to drink your soda what you are (also) doing is alienating a very large portion of your target audience by thinking that enjoying movies (and behaviors) that are stereotypically associated with being a man. There are plenty of men out there who do not like the action movie cliches depicted in the ad. And using those cliches comes across as a clear sign that you either are not aware of how to target a larger portion of men are that you may not care about men in general.

Those cliches represent a very narrow band of what is considered acceptable in terms of being a man and the use of them in that ad only reinforces them. And then of course there is the also the issue of using "its not for women" as a part of what makes Dr. Pepper 10 the ideal soda for men.

Frankly most men don't care if women drink the same things they do and those that do may not be the positive audience you are looking for.

For a long time its been a long running tactic to limit men to a certain stereotype when advertising to us. Times are changing and those days are numbered. I think its high time that advertising reflect this and come around to finding ways to focus on your target audience without insulting said target audience (or insulting those who are not for that matter).

Thank you for your time.

Don't be scared to chime off yourself if this ad bothers you.