Monday, October 24, 2011

Store bought Halloween costumes suck....that is all

I went to a few Halloween shops last weekend to pass out some flyers for a Haunted House some friends are working on and took a spare few minutes to check out what the costumes looked like this time around.

Fucking. Terrible.

Simply put damn near all the female costumes are "Sexy _____" and damn near all the male costumes are "(insert sexual innuendo joke here)". (Don't believe me? Check out some actual pics.)

So presumptions of sex have utterly and thoroughly penetrated Halloween costume choices.

For the time being I'm just going to continue taking Halloween as the one night out of the year where I can let my inner goth out (my own homemade bondage straps and all).


Meticulous Mouser said...

I'm all for the occasional sexy costume, but this has gotten way out of hand. I want to know what happened to being creative with Halloween costumes. For me, seeing what I could come up with was all part of the fun.

Danny said...

I agree Mouser. Nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy but when its being pushed in your face as if its your ONLY option (or even THE BEST option, regardless of your preferences) its just going too far.

I'm just going to take this as an opportunity to let my inner goth out.

Clarissa said...

My husband and I are going to a Halloween party on Saturday and we are going to dress as a woman (he will) and as a man (I will.) These will be great costumes that will also cost nothing because we'll use each other's clothes. :-)

Danny said...

As simple as it can be Clarissa.

I remember a few years ago my sister dressed as a man for Halloween. It was hilarious.