Thursday, October 13, 2011

School "fixes" haircut with sharpie

Yes you read that right and yes that is exactly what you are about to see. It would seem that appropriate disciplinary action for having a haircut that violates the dress code is to fill in the offending parts with a sharpie (sorry no embed code).

Even if the second part was in violation of the dress code what sane principal thinks that its okay to mark on a child in order to "correct" the violation? I think its pretty pointless to have something like a limit on the number of parts a student can have on their head but even getting passed that this type of action is simply unacceptable.

With teachers and staff doing these things to students I wonder exactly why. Is it some manner of lashing out over an inadequate school system? Is it that they are fed up with the way the children are getting out of line? Maybe they are angry about other things in their life and are taking it out on "safe" targets (safe as in safe in the idea that being students means they can't do anything about it)? Who knows.

While what Sheldon Williams may not have gone through the same ordeal that Nina Campbell did I really hope that like her he just does the damn thing and lives life to the fullest.