Thursday, October 20, 2011

Men and Food

When you talk about men and food you usually get the impression of the rough and tumble "real man" that lives on meat and has no time for simple things like veggies and foods aimed at health and nutrition. And things like this don't help.

Personally I like:

Sliders - Bite size meaning you can carry a lot of them at once. And I can sometimes take one out in a single bite.

Sushi with Brown Rice - I haven't tried it but since I like sushi I'd try it.

Cupcakes - Bullshit. That is all.

Look different guys have different tastes and as I've said with other things before trying to fit us into a narrow band of "acceptable things" is not right.

Now if only feminists could mention this in some other capacity than to pretend that there is no negativity in feminism and the fact that "other people do it too" should let them off the hook.