Saturday, October 1, 2011

Looks like I better hurry up on v.2

Okay I'm not sure how but that Gender Symmetry Checklist has gotten more views in 2 weeks than any other post on my blog in the three and half years I've had my shop running here.

Out of the 10 posts in terms of views its gotten nearly double what the other 9 posts raked in combined. I'm sure this doesn't seem like much to most of you but I am just not used to that kind of traffic.

Thanks. And as I say I'm working a v.2 of it and will try to have it up by next week. (And yes Amp I'm taking you up on that table suggestion of yours.)


Clarissa said...

It's a great post, so I'm not surprised.

Danny said...

Thanks. Its just something that I really would like to see worked on because like many I'm bored with making totally one sided lists that end up becoming nothing more than fodder for attacking the other side.

About another 200 views it will be my first post to ever get 1000 views.