Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calif. Gov. Brown signs bill prohibiting circumcision bans

Yes you read that right.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will prohibit circumcision bans in the state of California.

You know I wasn't even going to do a post on this until I saw this line from Assemblyman Mike Gatto.
Gatto argued that such bans were an affront to the exercise of "personal, medical and religious freedom."
Yes that is a copy/paste from the article.

Can someone explain to me how, in a country where its a federal crime to circumcise girls, banning circumcision of boys is considered an affront to "personal, medical, and religious freedom"?

Alright let's not get all twisted up into believing that this is about the "personal, medical, and religious freedom" of infant boys. They don't even know what those things are at that point in their lives. This is about the "personal, medical, and religious freedom" of people who want to have the foreskin of infant boys removed for their own reasons be they religion (as a rite of passage), medical (because it MIGHT help with prevention of STDs), or personal (so he "looks normal"). If you recall the original ban that was proposed was a ban on circumcision of boys under 18 meaning that guys over 18 would still have the "personal, medical, and religious freedom" to do with their foreskins as they please.

I've talked about this before. Why in the hell are people so hell bent on defending a practice on boys that could get you thrown in prison if you did it to girls? Why in the hell are people defending a procedure that permanently alters the body yet whose benefits are contested? Why in the hell are people defending what amounts to preventative maintenance (seriously name one other body part that is cut off of newborns as a "just in case..." precaution)?

As far as I'm concerned unless there is a medical necessity (and the "help prevent STDs" bit is still too contested to count as a necessity) there is absolutely no reason to remove one's foreskin while they are an infant.