Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 65

So now that my volunteer time with the local fire department on recovering from Irene is over (but don't let that fool you, there are still a lot of people that will be needed help as there are areas that are STILL underwater a week after Irene came through) I can get back to running things here. Well after I get my sleep fixed (going to sleep at 2am and waking back up at 6:30am is not cool when just working but when working and volunteering its suicide) that is.

State holds off on all-boys charter school; possible bias against girls cited: "State officials are withholding a decision on a key planning grant for a proposed all-male charter school in Madison over their concerns the concept discriminates against girls." What?

Michael Sanchez Gets Back His Abducted Daughter After Almost Four Years: So what's the value and purpose of the Hague Convention again?

Boys believe discussing problems is a waste of time and weird, says study: Speaking as a man who was once a boy I don't think they are digging deep enough with at least some of those boys. I can totally see how some boys would say that talking about problems was a waste of time in an effort to not have to admit that it would feel embarrassing. Remember, the script of being a boy/man says to NEVER ADMIT TO WEAKNESS.

Let me know when its two guys using His & His formulas (because I'm pretty sure KY has a line of His & Her products. Why not sell them separately so couples can pick and choose as needed?

Maybe the Opposite of Man Is Not Boy OR Woman but… Uhm… “Dick”: Maybe its me but I feel a bit uneasy to talk about jerkish behavior by men on a site that supposed to be about men using a term that pretty much says "that person's committing of jerkish behavior is related to them having a dick". While there are contexts and instances where that may be true I just don't like the idea of associating bad behavior to a body part that neither inherently positive or negative and quite frankly has no influence on said jerk's behavior.

Scandal Surrounding Maine ADA Mary Kellett Goes International: So when exactly did "ruin the lives of as many men as possible by any means necessary" start getting passed off as "doing something about sex crimes"? And how in the world is Kellett still running wild when NiFong was promptly shut down after that Mangum case a few years ago?

With All Of Its Choppers In Iraq, Vermont Has To Borrow From Other States To Respond To Irene: Well now, wouldn't those choppers have come in handy if they weren't....otherwise occupied?

Outrage at comedian's sex abuse discharge: So now a child molester's ability to find work takes precedence over making sure that child (and other children) is safe? Apparently part of his defense was that he thought it was his partner. Yeah we are supposed to believe that he was so drunk he can't tell taking off the pants of a grown woman from taking off the pants and diaper of a small child. Perhaps it was an "extraordinary" event but I don't think being drunk should protect this guy from stripping a child in preparation to have sex with her.

A girl who was statutorily raped gets her abortion paid for by the taxpayers; a boy who was statutorily raped is obligated to pay child support if his rapist decides to keep the baby: Well now...

Blood, sex, boundaries, and coercion: So does this mean that according to some feminists the only two reasons a man would not want to have sex with a woman while she is on her period is because he has some blood phobia or misogyny? Yeah that's some real progressive action going on there. I guess next week some of them will say the only reason a guy doesn't like pink is because he hates femininity.

That's my face after looking at my Google Reader after being away from it for a bit over a week. Damn. I'll try to get to that this coming week.

Take it easy folks.