Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We can't pretend they aren't out there

The Good Men Project has a set of posts centered around On Rape and Sexual Violence. There's good material over there but after looking though the posts I noticed something.

From commentor Jacobtk:
How sad that out of eleven articles only one includes a male survivor, and even that article fails to mention anything about sexual violence against boys and men. It is despicable and troubling, although unsurprising, that people at Good Men Protect seems to think that sexual violence against boys and men does not happen and is not worth talking about.
I think he has a point.

There is no question that there are male victims of sexual violence out there. There is also no question that of all victims they typically have the hardest time being heard (which are mentioned in that link I just dropped). For a series that's meant to "...get beyond that, talk about the issues through the sheer power of storytelling. To find a different way into the conversation, so that a thoughtful, intelligent, insightful conversation can be held." that collection of stories is awfully one-sided.

Now this is not to say that the posts they have up need to be replaced or anything. Just that there is a lot missing if they are hoping to have a "thoughtful, intelligent, insightful, conversation" on it. So why not show them what they are missing?

I myself am not a victim of sexual abuse but I know there are guys out there who are and they need a place where they can speak up about their experiences. I'm hoping that since The Good Men Project prides itself on being a (feminist) place for men they would not turn away such attempts at speaking up.


Toysoldier said...

I am glad I am not the only one who saw a problem with the lack of anything about male victims. As I wrote before, it is despicable and troubling that only one article even mentions male victims. The Good Men Project is supposed to be about men's issues. One would think they would include something substantive about sexual violence against males, particularly some of their male audience experienced sexual violence. I hate to disparage the editors, however, this exclusion comes across as intentional. There is just no good reason not to address sexual violence against boys and men.

Danny said...

That's the sad part TS. That series of posts would have been much better off being called "Rape and Sexual Violence Against Women". At least then they could properly shut down the critiques by saying it was about female victims to start with. But I suppose that type of honesty on a site that is supposed to be about men doesn't draw a many hits.

Its good that they are joining in the conversation on violence against women of course but even as a guy that is not a victim of sexual violence that felt like a bait and switch to me.

ballgame said...

<blockquote>I myself am not a victim of sexual abuse …</blockquote>

You weren't circumcised?

Danny said...

Oh no and thank goodness I wasn't. I rather enjoy being able to masturbate without lube.

Danny said...

And nice job on the quad post.... :-D