Friday, September 9, 2011

So it is paying off...

If you recall a while back I talked about my body image issues. And I also told you about how I began what I guess you could call self-medicating phototherapy right? Well today I just had a big milestone.

So I'm at work today talking to some co-workers when one of them pulls out her cell phone camera and tells me to turn around. Pause for a moment.

In case I hadn't told you before I almost always totally despised having my picture taken. I mean it was to the point where if someone told me to turn around I would cover my face before turning around just because I thought there was a camera behind me. There are even a few occasions where I would flip the bird. Unpause.

Low and behold I simply turned around and let her take the pic. And I even looked at it when she showed me the result.

Okay I know that doesn't sound like much in and of itself but let me tell you this is a huge breakthrough. I honestly don't remember the last time I've let someone take my picture under those circumstances (where it wasn't planned pic but a spontaneous "Hey turn around."). This is a good day for me.


Eagle33 said...

I know this isn't related Danny, but I feel really violated.

Could you do a post on NSWATM's changing of the commenting rules ("Moby Dickery") because now really frightened because feminists hurt me in the past and me pointing that out being labeled as "Moby Dickery" feels like someone just erased my experiences all over again.

Danny said...

I'm actually thinking about one Eagle but can't promise when it will go up.

Eagle33 said...

That's fine. Whenever you feel you're ready.

Looking forward to it.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Great post, Danny... remember, just relax. A person who wants your pic wants to remember you, and they want your relaxed everyday self that they are familiar with. I think a lot of guys are uncomfortable w/pics. Women have been taught to pose, we know our best angle!

Men seem "startled" in photos, often.

Great milestone and glad to hear it!

8-) 8-)

Danny said...

Thanks Daisy. And you know the remembering aspect of pictures is part of what got me to start working on this. One of my biggest fears is passing on with little to no reminders of who I was. I didn't want to just fade away over time as people forgot my voice, forgot my face, forgot me.

As they say once something is put on the net it can never be truly deleted let's hope that some of these pictures of me live on after I've long turned to dust (or still roaming the earth as a zombified shell of my former self).