Monday, September 26, 2011

Five Cool As Hell Videos

Note that I videos and not songs. I was killing time on Youtube this week and watching Pharcyde's video for their track "Drop" (I'll get to that in a bit). While digging the song I recognized how cool the video itself is. From there I started trying to recall other videos that I would call coo.

For the sake of you possibly mounting frustrating over my use of the word cool let me explain what I mean by it. In this context cool is a video that has some sort of interesting visual effect, uses multiple effects, taking a simple concept and making it look nice, or just a video that goes outside the norm. Here are a few video that I believe meet at least one of those markers.

Pharcyde - Drop
The video that inspired this post. Its so damn simple but looks so nice. By simply playing the video back we see guys jumping up on cars, put their clothes on in public, and roll upstairs.

Aha - Take on Me
You can't talk about cool videos without talking about this one. Not only is it telling a story but its actually telling a story with a mixture of live action and hand drawn animation. And the transitions are just epic for their time (remember this is late 80s, as if the sound didn't give that away).

Korn - Freak on a Leash
Even if you ignore the connotations of a cop pulling a gun on children playing and children sneaking out at night to play just pay attention to that damn bullet.

Bjork - Isobel
Its Bjork. Do I really have to say more? But of special note is at about 1:01 where she is fading her face in and out. One is of her singing and other is of her with one of the most seductively evil faces you'll ever see.

Tribe Called Quest w/ Leaders of the New School - Scenario
Where do I begin. Is it the fact that they are using effects that make it look like they are mixing things? Yep. Is it that they are using controls to affect the screen (notice at 2:05 when the menu comes up and the woman's clothes change depending on the option picked AND how what Dinco D is saying is displayed for you)? Yep? Or how about how Q-Tip's verse is interrupted by an error that actually throws the video clip of him playing out of sync with his voice? Yep. In short for its time that was some bad ass stuff.

Do you have any cool videos to share?