Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Democracy and Fairness? How about Homophobia and Conservative values?

Anti-gay offensive continues.

Oh these folks are smart. The war in the Middle East? The economy that's circling the toilet? (Any other thing that's messed up in this country.) No those aren't things that these folks want to unite across the party lines. It would seem that members of the Black Church are coming out in support of an amendment to define marriage as one man one woman.

I'm still listening to this as I write this post (because I really don't think I can actually finish all 27min of it) and so far I'm really "liking" the part where one gentleman proceeds to use two locks and two keys as an example of why a homosexual marriage cannot be consummated at about 5:50. I guess according to this guy homosexual sex is not a valid form of consummation. He does the whole, "two locks don't go together, two keys don't go together" thing. My dick is not a key and I bet that even a lot of straight women don't think of their vagina as a lock. This comparison fails if for no other reason than the simple fact that a lock/key are an exact matching set that can only match each other. A key can't just open any lock and a lock won't accept just any key. Say it with me now: Humans don't work like that.

It gets real good at about 6:30 he asks how one can physically describe a gay person without mentioning sex. What the fuck kind of sense does that make? Yes he tries to imply that since gays don't have immediate physical characteristics they don't suffer any oppression. Damn. And to make it even worse he has the nerve to say that he is offended when gays liken their struggle to civil rights activists. How in the hell do you tell a group that has suffered obvious oppression that they haven't suffered so and then get mad when said group likens their struggle to yours? I'll agree that people shouldn't play the "my oppression is like yours" game but you kinda lose your thunder when you make that statement after basically claiming they don't suffer by way of saying oppression requires specific criteria.

Yeah and that's only about the first 10min of the video.

Good luck with this one but if you are offended by blatant disregard for oppression (in this case of gays) you may not want to watch it.

Fro tip to BlueNC.