Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Danny - 5 teeth + Ibuprofen + Vicodin = ???

So I just went to the dentist today and got 5 teeth removed. Yeah it was like that. They took all four wisdom teeth and molar that I had originally complained about last year (hey money's tight).

But what amazed me was this:

9am Check in


Apply for credit limit in order have a payment plan instead of a lump sum of $700+

Get result back for approval of $900 limit (score!)

Numb me up and pull teeth

Look at the teeth in question (yeah I'm morbid like that but they wouldn't let me keep them because they are considered a biohazard, and I really wanted to keep the infectious growth that was in my molar too...)

Get explanation on post procedure care

Check out and schedule a filling for Oct. 4

Out the door at 10am

Yes I didn't realize they were teaching speed surgery at dental school but I have to say their Teeth Extraction Technique is tight. The only one I felt was the molar and that only because they had to pull it out in three pieces and shave down some leftover bone in my mouth (and by felt I only mean pressure, it never actually hurt).

Got a little scared on the way home though. I was at an Andy's (burger joint) when all of a sudden I got dizzy and light headed and sweating profusely. Just worked my way through it and told my sister later and she thinks my blood sugar had dropped. And she may be right because I didn't eat any breakfast before having the teeth taken at 9am and this was at about 1pm and now with mouth in it current shape my eating options were limited. Oh and I did mention that I had probably lost about 3 cups of blood by this time? So it is very possible that the only reason I didn't actually pass out was because I was at Andy's eating a bowl of ice cream when it happened.

But I'm home now and I got my boys Penicillin, Ibuprofen (600mg), and Vicodin hanging out with me.

So yeah this is my post for day and there will more than likely not be one tomorrow. I'm not even going to work tomorrow (because how much good will I be at answering phones when I can barely talk?).

Take it easy people.


Endless Summer said...

Good luck with that. I only had a couple of wisdom teeth out (they were sideways for some reason) and that was enough to turn my normal head into a Lego Person's head. Turns out you can't replace chewing with crushing stuff with your tongue, either, which is what I'd been relying on when I did my shopping before the operation.
I know what you mean about the speed though, I think I was in and out in an afternoon (though obviously my sense of time was a little vague). There's nothing quite like blinking and finding yourself in a different room with parts of you missing, is there?

Danny said...

Yeah its a feeling Summer. The freaky thing now is that in the back of my mouth on the upper right side I have a molar that has two empty spaces on both sides of it (where the infected molar and wisdom tooth on either side of it were taken).

EasilyEnthused said...

Oh man, I had a terrible time when my wisdom teeth were pulled. I'll be thinking of you, man.

Danny said...

Actually it hasn't been that bad. I've not felt much pain and no infection has set in. I just wish the openings would heal up.