Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ads, Reimagined

As you well know we live in a society that pretty much pisses on men and there aren't that many places where that's more obvious than advertisements of products that are aimed at men. Well if there is one thing I've learned in my new found efforts to define being a man in my own way its that most of those ads are pretty offensive. So why not re-imagine them?

Okay I don't have a budget to actually film re-imaginings of ads but I can sure as hell type out a description. I actually did something like this a long time ago with a Dos Equis ad. So let's get started.

As you can see this is one of those "He's too much of a coward to tell his wife the truth so he has to come up with a fast lie" ads. This one is for Lifesavers but I'm pretty sure Twix did a run of these a year or so ago.

So I wonder how things would go differently if we take out the notion that a guy is so afraid of what his wife might do that he has to lie to her (and the notion that the wife won't be able to handle the truth). I'm going to cut in at where he give his "explanation" of the Muffin Top*.

"A Muffin Top is in reference to when a woman wears a pair of pants (usually jeans) and they are tight enough that some of the fat around her torso hangs over the waist of her pants. Some regard it as a relative of Love Handles. In many cases the use of this term is in a insulting manner in an effort to tease and harass a woman about her body fat."

Now I really don't know what the wife would have said after that given that I am not a woman (and therefore do not live the experience of being a woman with fat) nor do I have a Muffin Top (in my experience men with this similar phenomenon have ours refereed to as "fat", our "gut", "belly", and sometimes "love handles"). But by all means if you wish to fill in the wife's reaction feel free to.

My point is that men are not cowards that are afraid to tell their wives the truth and women are not children that can't handle bad news and those are two stereotypes that really should not be allowed to live in.

I may do this more often although I don't watch a lot of tv so if you come across an ad that you think could use a re-imagining drop a link or an email on me (dannybois-dot-corner-at-gmail-dot-com).

* - For the record in my mind there is nothing wrong with a woman with a Muffin Top. Its not like fat actually disqualifies one from being considered attractive right?