Monday, September 12, 2011

76 Cowards and a Hatred of Gays

So from what I hear from Pam the Republican control NC House passed the amendment to define marriage as one woman/one man. There's a good chance you hadn't heard about something that would certainly be a hot topic. You see what they did was come up out of the blue this past Friday and totally gut the language of an existing bill that was to be voted on today and replace it with this marriage amendment.

Quite the cowardly move right?

Well it looks like their punk move bold gambit paid off. In a 76-42 vote the bill passed the House.

It might be too late to stop that vote but its not too late to shine the light on this folks. That's right I'm putting these folks on blast.

If you live in North Carolina you can go to this registration page to see what member of the NC House represents your area.

Once you do that you can go to this page to see how your representative voted on this bill.

And now that I've done that its time to express my disappointment with Timothy Spear.

Time to ante up.

Representative Spear,

Today I learned of the vote in the NC House which led to the Defense of Marriage bill being passed. I must first say that for this bill to be called the "Defense of Marriage" is gravely incorrect. Exactly what is it about gay marriage the constitutes a threat that needs to be defended against? The rights of gays to get married in no way endangers the rights for heterosexual people to be married. Secondly I understand that House Republicans engaged in less than honest tactics in order to get this bill passed under the radar without people knowing about it. However it does surprise me that you would vote along with them. If this amendment passes the rights of gay citizens in the state of North Carolina will be dealt a tremendous blow not only on the issue of marriage itself but other issues relating to is such as hospital visitation, child custody, and death benefits. It worries me that you would support such a measure Rep. Spear.

Disappointed Citizen,