Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trash talking as only Americans can...

So today we had a 5.9 quake hit in Virginia today. Pretty unexpected and the Pentagon was even evacuated I hear. Well in the ongoing tradition of smack talking over natural disasters that are mostly regional it seems that some folks on the west coast want to talk trash because we got caught by a "only a 5.9".

Fair enough. We got caught.

So how exactly would folks on the west coast handle a Category 2 hurricane just tearing over their neighborhood for a day or two?


rox said...

I'm really not into trash talking. I get that snarkiness is stress relieving and all but when it's just pointing out how you're better than other people and laughing at them, that doesn't fit into my sense of humor at all. If you want to do that to yourself? That's cool. Its really NOT PC in fact to laugh at yourself, but sometimes it helps process difficult things about ourselves, get them in the open and be honest about them. But to just snark about how other people being freaked over "nothing", it just seems like an activity that only would be satisfying to someone who needs to believe they are better than other people. I'm just not into that. When something is different and scary people will be freaked out, or maybe even exacted once they know everyone is safe. "Hey this thing happened and it was crazy and it doesn't usually happen! I'm freaked out! Maybe it was cool! Maybe it's just scary! I don't even know!!!" Sounds like a normal human response to something unusual and kind of scary.

But I think of the one snarky post I read about it, which I imagine you saw as well for some reason.... I have noticed that the kind of "Hey look at these shitty people I'm going to make fun of" is a common theme among posts by said author. Not pointing any fingers, and I believe in forgiveness. Sometimes we get insecure and feel like we need to point out other people's flaws to secure how good we are in the eyes of others. It's not a particularly attractive trait in humans, but for all things forgiveness. (Well sometimes things are so heiness it's a bit more complicated than that, but I mean to say, I understand why people use techniques like this to boost themselves and believe in forgiveness.)

Danny said...

I'll say that I it was a matter of poking harmless fun. Its not that I think I'm better than other people. Besides how can I say so after admitting that I was surprised by an earthquake (and don't get me started on snow, 2-3 in will shut my area down)?