Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theater Thursday: Browncoats: Redemption

(Its Theater Thursday time. You know the drill. If you don't want to spoil it don't read it.)

Okay now that I've had a chance to watch it I can talk about the movie Browncoats: Redemption.

This film is a fan production set in the same universe as the cult hit Firefly. And it really shows.

Aboard the Scarab class ship Redemption headed up by Capt. Laura Matthews. Matthews makes her way through the Verse aboard Redemption with the band of folks she regards as more than her crew, but as her family (much like a certain Mr. Reynolds). Working odd jobs to scrape out a living their lives are simple but its pretty clear that for all the hard times, teasing, and harassment those love each other. And that love is tested.

Taking on what appears to be a job of less repute requires Matthews brings on a new crew member, a pilot by the name Petra Jo "Pete" Chen. Things begin to go a bit awry when the contact they were supposed to meet up with doesn't show. The reason behind this failed meeting have repercussions that go far beyond a simple botched job or getting arrested by the Alliance. No this truth stands to threaten the one thing Capt. Matthews hold near and dear to her heart, her family.

As a fan production its pretty good. The scenery is definitely influenced from Whendon's project. Very Western like and dusty and dirty in the areas away from the core and clean and peaceful like inside the core. Much like the scenery the music also pulls from Firefly. However do I think the folks that made this movie pulled just a little too much from the source material.

If you look at Matthews and her crew they come off as if the people who made the film dropped Mal and his crew in a blender to mix up the characteristics and redistribute them. First off Matthews and her first mate Cameron Alan are pretty much a chip off of Mal and Zoe but just imagine that instead of Zoe being a kick ass fighter she's a medic. Simon Tam's nervousness and Kaleigh's engineering/mechanical skills were divided between Jack Paddington and Brett Gray. If you made Jayne quieter and a bit smarter you'd get Lux. And like presence of Shepard Book and Inara on the original series James Banks III is the apparent respectable businessman that leaves you wondering "Why in the world are you running around with these clown?". And seriously Matthews comes off as a female Mal (and looks just as delightful).

But all in all its still a good movie. And the one and only true fault I find with it were the fight scenes. They look campy and too choreographed. The flow of the moves in hand to hand combat just wasn't flowing. But since the only real fight scene takes place at the end I can sorta let it go. And there is another reason I brought this movie up.

THIS MOVIE WILL ONLY BE ON SALE UNTIL THIS COMING SEPT. 1 !!! As a result of their licensing deal after that date the movie will no long be on sale. So if you want to show your love for The Verse (and possibly help fund future projects) you only have a weeks left. Its available on DVD and BluRay.

I bought the remastered DVD for $24 which also comes with the soundtrack on a second disc and I think for the sake of supporting the fact that a good Independent doesn't die its well worth it. Its not a perfect film but its great and if they go for a sequel I'd be right there ready to watch.

One last look at the trailer to whet the appetite.

(Oh and keep an eye out for a few choice cameos)