Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shyness vs. Introversion

I had a dentist appointment today ("Day off work" Yeah!!!! "200mi. roundtrip" Boo!!!) and had the rare chance for some extensive listening to NPR, specifically the Diane Rehm Show. She spent the first hour of her show talking about the recent killing of 30 American troops and 8 Afghan troops that were aboard a Chinnok chopper. Its the second half of the show that really caught my ear.

During the second half her panel of guests had a discussion on anxiety, shyness, introversion, how they shouldn't be pathologized as they are in society today, and how they can even be beneficial to some extent. I was hooked when they broke down the difference between shyness and introversion.

From what I gather they were saying that shyness is more based around a lack of speaking up or being outgoing for fear of negative reaction or lack of approval while introversion is just a personality trait that involves a limited desire for interaction. One can be easily mistaken for the other (and let's be honest a lot of people use them interchangeably as if we were talking about the terms six and half a dozen) but they really aren't the same thing.

The segment is about an hour long (and Diane had to call time at the end, it was a pretty interesting discussion but alas time is limited) but I think its worth a listen especially if you could use a reminder of the difference between the two. There is a "Listen" link right under the "Home" button on the page I linked above.


Amanda said...

Nifty! I'm a bit of both, I think, but faaar more introverted than shy. I'm only a little shy. I'm SUPER introverted. Even hanging out with people I really like tires me out like whoa.

Danny said...

Hey Amanda.

I have a hard time trying to pinpoint where I fall on this because I have times where I really am shy while at other times its just a matter of not wanting to be around people. It just shifts at its own pace.