Saturday, August 6, 2011

The measure of a man

I'm sure somewhere out there there is a proverb that basically boils down to saying a a true test of a man is how well he handles defeat. It would seem that test is upon me.

This past Thursday I took the Network+ certification exam and barely failed it.

So thus begins my test.

I agonized over it for the rest of the day via having a "Goddamn Danny you ate all that?" lunch and some booze (six pack of Killians and two bottles of wine) that I decided against drinking (I'll probably work on them while I'm up tonight). But enough of that.

From my failed test I can see some very specific things that I messed up on and now the road to redemption begins. I took the test a few days ago on the 4th and I plan to retake it on the 18th, exactly 2 weeks from the 4th. Don't be surprised if you pretty much just see quick hit like posts while I'm off studying until then.

Take it easy in the mean time.