Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its still not done

I don't have much of a chance to see the news these days but I'm guessing that since Irene has passed most people have quit talking about it. Don't let America's short attention span fool you into think its all said and done.

In my area (Eastern NC) alone I know there are still lots of people who haven't gotten their power back yet. Some of them folks who lost literally everything. Some of them elderly. Some of them with medical conditions. Some of them who live in secluded areas. Some of them with no family that could have taken them in (or gotten them out before the hurricane hit, so don't believe the idea that the only people that stay during hurricanes are stubborn folks). These folks need help.

The last few days I've been going out and doing damage assessments, helping my local fire department doing little odds and ends, and tonight I was helping serve a shipment of Red Cross provided meals. Between that and going to work I'm worn.

Not sure how much longer we'll be at this and get everyone back on their feet so the posts are going to be coming up a bit sporadically for the near future.

So for the time being take a look at my blogroll and find something interesting to read until I return.