Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feel the storm? Its coming.

No matter where you live you have sort of natural disaster that lurks in the shadows and could strike at any moment. Here the natural disaster of choice is the hurricane. A wild and unpredictable mix of wind and rain the hurricane brings forth great vengeance and furious anger, resulting in winds that can rip a tree from the ground, flood waters that can take houses away, and chaos that can confuse even veteran emergency personnel. While I admit I was talking smack about hurricanes yesterday even I know when to get serious and respect them And this is one of those times.

That there is a screen shot of hurricane Irene's expected trajectory as of about 8:45pm tonight. Notice the main orange line that runs through the trajectory. Then notice the yellow dot off to the side. I live right around that dot. See the issue?

This might get ugly. I'm preparing to hunker down get my defenses up, which is kinda ironic. I always used to get mad at people who refuse to leave even in the face of almost certain death and ruin. Maybe I finally understand why they refuse to leave. This is where I live. This is where I exist. This is my home. If its to be swept away then I'll be here to see it off, even it takes me with it.

More than likely the power will go out and internet will be lost. I'll try to find a way to let people know how it all went down (because frankly unless the whole damn town gets wiped out no one will care, the media will look at Pitt county then skip us and go check on the Outer Banks). Hell depending on how I hold up I may very well have an on sight exclusive on the coverage of the damage.

So until we cross paths again this is Danny's Corner signing off.

May the Force be with us.


JutGory said...

Good luck, Danny.

Danny said...

Thanks for the well wishing Jut. Fortunately I came out of this just fine with only a little bit of house damage but nothing serious.