Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eagle33, you rock

If it wasn't for the fact that I've had interactions like this before I might actually be offended by it. But I have had interactions like that before so I can really appreciate it. Check this comment out I just saw at Feminist Critics.

To add to this, there’s a contradiction within a contradiction that’ll make your mind twist into a pretzel.

Spokesperson: Feminism is not a monolith. There are diverse views.

Person: What about Mary Daly?

Spokesperson: She’s not a feminist. What she practices isn’t feminism.

Person: But you just said feminism isn’t a monolith and it contains diverse viewpoints. Mary Daly has a viewpoint, she’s a feminist.

Spokesperson: She may have a diverse viewpoint but it’s not feminism.

Person: You just said feminism isn’t a monolith.

Spokesperson: It’s not.

Person: So she’s a feminist.

Spokesperson: No, she’s not.

Person: But feminism has diverse viewpoints.

Spokesperson: Yes, I just told you.

Person: Mary Daly—

Spokesperson: Look, educate yourself okay? Leave me alone.