Monday, August 29, 2011

And so Irene has passed

Since you may not be following my Twitter stream I'll drop an update here.

The storm left our area late last night. I've spent the last two days going around helping my local fire department do property assessments. Its been pretty interesting. While there has been a lot of damage (flooding and roof damage) thankfully there haven't been that many places that were totally lost.

Crews have started to come in and most roads are clear. The big worry now is that power has been out since Friday night (two days as of writing this). We could be looking at not getting power back for at least next few days. I'm actually holed up at the local fire station where we have a generator going. Had a crew of fire fighters come in from High Point. Much love to High Point.

Hopefully my own house only suffered minor damage (some ceiling and roof damage and some siding was ripped off). As soon as power is restored I'll head back in and pick up where I left off. And now for the messed up part.

As far as I can tell so far there is no word on bringing supplies into the area. Okay I understand that there was an evacuation order but its pretty callous to just act like everyone had the ability to leave the area. Also there are people who have medical needs (namely people who need O2 tanks, remember most O2 tanks need power and we don't have power).

But in short I'm alive, my house is mostly intact, and loss off life has been minimal. Got to go back to the grind tomorrow.