Sunday, July 10, 2011

You're Fired Blockbuster

Okay I've been using Blockbuster's Online service since almost the beginning. For the longest time I stuck with it pretty much because I just needed a way to ship dvds back and forth for my viewing. Well things change such as my desires for watching media. Blockbuster lost me on the three strike rule.

1. Streaming - This is where they really lost me. Blockbuster does streaming, but only movies. So if you have an old favorite show that's no longer airing anywhere you're wasting your time on Blockbuster unless you're lucky and they have the dvds. Oh and about streaming movies Blockbuster pulls a fast one. Okay they say there are no additional fees but low and behold you have to pay for each movie you stream. That's right even though you are paying a monthly fee for the online service you then have to pay extra to stream movies.

2. Price - I was with Blockbuster for 3 dvds at a time for about $20/month. And remember that's $20/month plus extra for streaming (but movies only). Netflix got me going on some $15/month for 1 dvd at a time (in case there's something I really want but its not on streaming) and all the streaming I want.

3. Shipping Time - I don't know how but Netflix somehow manages to get its dvds to me faster than Blockbuster, for less per month.

Done even bother with a fork Blockbuster is done.