Thursday, July 21, 2011

What should the next topic of Being A Man 101 be?

I know a bit of time has passed since I talked about my Being A Man 101. Well one of the reasons is because I'm not sure where to go next (I've already talked about Work, feel free to check it out and comment) with it. I'm thinking violence or sex. Both would take a good bit of work but that's no problem. So I ask you readers, should the next entry in the Being A Man 101 be sex or violence? Or perhaps something else?


Clarissa said...

How about sexual violence?

I recently caused outrage on my blog by mentioning in the comments that men are often coerced and bullied into sex. If you decide to write about it, we could have an inter-blog discussion going on.

Just a suggestion.

James said...

I'd love this. I'm a victim of a sexual attack and domestic abuse and both my attackers were women. Because of this, I'm ALWAYS treated as a suspect.