Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly Menu July 7

Okay if know anything about me and my cooking you know that if I come across a dish that I like 80% but am turned off by the other 20% I'll just take that recipe and recreate it in my own image. Well for years when it comes to Banana Pudding I like the pudding but I can't stand the mushy texture of the cookies that go soggy and the texture of those cold banana slices.

Simple Banana Cream Pie

1 banana

1 tub of Cool Whip

1 box of instant banana pudding mix

1 graham cracker crust (no need for cookies that will get soggy in a few hours when you have a crust that will hold up for at least a few days)

Milk (truthfully I don't know exactly how much I used but I'll say this, I started with a new 14oz. bottle and by the time I finished I had a little over half left, so about 7oz which almost 1 cup I guess)

In a large mixing bowl dump in half of your tub of Cool Whip. Then mix in the pudding mix. Add milk until you get a pie filling like texture (truth be told I think I used too much milk so you might only need about 3/4 cup).

And this is where I solve the texture problem of the bananas. Mash the banana. I thought I owned a potato masher but it turns out I don't, so I just mashed it with my hands (which are clean because I am cooking). Mash it up real good to eliminate as many of the lumps as you can. Mix it in with the pudding/Cool Whip mix (assuming you didn't just put the banana in their already).

Pour most of this into your crust, leaving a few spoonfuls in the bowl. Add in the rest of your tub of Cool Whip and mix it all up and pour on top of the first mixture (this is to give a bit of banana flavor in the top of the pie, if you want you could just put straight Cool Whip on top). Cover your pie and let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours before trying it (overnight would be better).

Let me tell you this pie is money! Its been interesting to go back into my past and try foods that I once didn't like. I'm finding that its usually the case that its not that I didn't like the food but rather I didn't like how said food was served.