Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 61

So what's really good?

A Feminist Critics Milestone: First off I gotta give props to those cool cats at Feminist Critics for hitting that 1,000,000 combo in page views. I'm talking cooler than a polar bear's toenails! (I was going to say "hotter than a dragon's boogers" but that sounds a bit nasty.)

Woman's truck rammed because attacker thought she looked like Casey Anthony: Another reason people might want to tone the vigilante justice down a few notches. This innocent woman could have been killed.

Violent black mob attacks mother and two daughters: Okay I have to admit something. If that had been a mob of white kids attacking a black mom and her two daughters there's a good chance it would be all over the place and "race" would be the first thing out of the media's mouth. If that had been a mob of boys attacking a mom and her two daughters there's a good chance it would be all over the place and "gender" would be the first thing out of the media's mouth. And sadly I think that anchorman was actually trying to avoid saying "black" to describe the attackers.

Why are we afraid of male sexuality?: "Women have been entirely justified in asking that we blokes respect their rights, autonomy and wishes, that we respect them as sexual beings. It shouldn't be too much to ask for a little of the same in return."


Ohio Supreme Court’s Lesbian Child Custody Ruling Ignores Importance of Social Mom’s Bond with Her Child: So as we can see its not just dads that fall victim to the "her body, her baby" mentality that plagues family courts. "Since the breakup, Mullen has tried to strip Hobbs of shared custody rights to her daughter and to drive her out of her daughter’s life, even though Hobbs is a fit parent who enjoys a loving relationship with her daughter."

A Tribe Called Quest: Rise and Fall of a Legend: NPR has a pretty interesting article up about the Michael Rapaport documentary "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest". One thing I recall from that era was that back then when a group broke up unless it got real personal or if dirty laundry was actually aired out in public you really didn't get the why. Hopefully this may fill in some of those blanks. (Also do you notice that, while not perfect, hip hop of that day was nowhere near as anti-woman as it is today.)

Silence lifted: The untold stories of rape during the Holocaust: (As the title says there's discussion of rape. Tread carefully.) You know I was of the mind that I always thought that rape was a given when it came to the Holocaust. I thought I recalled reading a long time ago that Jewish women were raped until they were pregnant so Nazi scientists could experiment on them (and their unborn children) and of course that German officers would keep women as sex slaves (and according to this article there were female German officers who also kept women as sex slaves). Maybe I was just imposing what I know war criminals do over what the Nazis did?


Beauty salon is ‘sexist’ claims bodybuilder: I think that bodybuilder has a point. If they don't work on men then why did they go through the pricing and then say they don't work on men? "Although the shop front does not advertise the salon as women only, it is written in their terms of conditions and literature." If you're going to service one group and not the other then you can at least have the courage to clearly say so.

Putting together a sports team of winners? Men need not apply: Isn't it just lovely when you take a portion of a group and use the actions of that group as proof that the entire group is inferior?

Okay I get why this groping is a hot story this week since its the latest in a long line of gropings dealing with the TSA. But I wonder why I don't recall hearing about this.

Sole Female Cabinet Minister in Somalia Kidnapped By Rebel Group: I'm by no means trying to minimize that fact that this woman was kidnapped but make sure you not the ending line. "“The Shebab is trying to show how powerless the government in Mogadishu is, and the fact that it’s a woman minister, perhaps, shows an attempt to make the Western press.”" If they kidnapped her because she is a woman in order to get attention from the Western press that makes me wonder. I wonder where they would get the idea that they would need to kidnap a woman in order to get Western attention...

Alright that's all for now folks. Take it easy.