Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 60

Goodness so much going on this week and my Harry Potter marathon kept me out of it for most of the week and I've been out of town for the last day.

War, rape, and the invisible victims: " It is unfathomable to think that any army that would torture and brutalize a populace would abstain from sexually assaulting men. Regardless of the social stigmas, in war no act of violence is ever used just against one group. There are thousands of boys and men who have been raped and forced to keep it secret because of social stigmas and misandrist policies that deny male victimization."

Two Short Takes: Domestic Violence and Infant Homicide: "I’ve pointed out that throughout the DV industry, male victims are silenced. The DV establishment only grudgingly admits male victims exist at all, and some parts of it, like the Vice President of the United States, don’t even do that." "Second up is this very strange case (Associated Press, 7/13/11). Last year, Michele Kalina of Reading, Pennsylvania, was arrested for killing five newborn children - hers. It seems that she had become pregnant five separate times and kept them all secret from her husband and her boyfriend who is the father of at least three of the children. She then carried each of the children to term, gave birth (where, no one seems to know), killed the children and stored their remains in a locked closet."

‘Cuckolding Is the Worst Thing That Can Happen to a Man’: Well it seems that at least some feminists do engage in hypocrisy. Somehow its wrong for a man to leave a child if/when he finds out he's not the genetic father because its not about the sperm but about the dad while at the same time its okay for the mom to withhold secrets about a child's paternity. I've asked before and I'll ask again. If the genetics don't matter then why withhold secrets about it in the first place? (Also notice how Hugo manages to ignore nearly all of the civil commentary in order to pretend that its just a bunch of mean old MRAs picking on him.)

The rape of men: "Often, she says, wives who discover their husbands have been raped decide to leave them. "They ask me: 'So now how am I going to live with him? As what? Is this still a husband? Is it a wife?' They ask, 'If he can be raped, who is protecting me?' There's one family I have been working closely with in which the husband has been raped twice. When his wife discovered this, she went home, packed her belongings, picked up their child and left. Of course that brought down this man's heart."

Robin Pagoria Busted For Producing Child Porn and Violence...: Say what you want about MRAs. Yeah some of them go overboard but they seem to have a habit of bringing up stories that just don't seem to make big splashes in the mainstream media.

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