Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 58

The first few links are from the Mashup I was playing to release before I went out of town (nearly 2 week ago) so they are a bit old but I wanted to share them anyway. (And no you didn't miss 56 and 57, I missed them so I've skipped on to 58.)

Guardian Article Gets it Right on Domestic Violence: "Perhaps paradoxically, I would also suggest that the general invisibility accorded female perpetrators by the news media has spurred women to more easily commit DV. They can be pretty certain to get away with it without punishment, so why not? After all, the “dramatic” increase in convictions of women has brought the number to just 7% of all DV convictions." Perpetrators taking advantage of the belief that they don't exist in order to continue to get away with their crimes. Imagine that.

Clueless with Vampires? A look inside Amy Heckerling’s Vamps: On one hand I'll probably watch this but on the other once its made the vampire genre needs to be killed once and for all... Or at least for 100 year after which it may rise again and reign terror on the land.

Have you lost your faith in men?: No I haven't lost faith in men? Why? In addition to being a man I am also aware of the fact that articles like this are depending on massive generalizations. Another one of those examples where a small portion of us are passed off as representation of the whole damn lot of us. You know I swear I've read on some feminist sites about how men don't get generalized like that....

Blueberry Cream Cheese Almond Braid: Oh I want that so badly.

Oh my god Rule 34 has gotten its tentacles on The Magic School Bus. NSFW.

16 hours a week: boys, girls, video games, time and obligation: Because apparently boys were just given a free pass and have expectations or burdens heaped on them.

Sharon Osbourne would 'chop' Arnold Schwarzenegger's penis off: Damn Sharon say it like you mean it. Do I even have to say it?

Former American Idol Contestant Charged with DV: " Two-time “American Idol” contestant Jessica Cunningham is scheduled to go before a real judge this month after being arrested Sunday night on charges of domestic violence following the Old Port Festival."

All Feminists are my kind of Feminists: On the real why can't more feminists be like this? Notice how she is able to acknowledge the suffering of men without immediately drowning it out with "but....male privilege!!!!". The things she talks about here would go a long way towards that activism at a 1000 keys bullshit where people claim to be all about equality while at the same time actively denying the experiences of a significant portion of the population.

California: Shelter Seeking Male Volunteers: "For a child whose only image of a man is that of the monster who beats up Mom, programs like one offered at Haven are vital. Haven, a nonprofit organization based in Bingham Farms, works to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault through programs and services all over Oakland County and the surrounding communities." A program that's set out to fight against the notion that all men are violent brutes looking for the next woman to abuse? Nice.

Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women: But was it because they were women or because they were bringing something extra to the table? The difference being its pretty simple to find like minded women and men who are on the same wavelength. But if those women are bringing some other qualities to the table then that's what makes the difference. If anything this would be proof that "traits that are associated with women" make the team smarter.

Men’s rights advocates promote terrorism: Isn't it just lovely (and hypocritical) to be able to generalize one group while having the option to Flip The Fuck Out when its done to you?

Survey: Fathers Work More than Non-Fathers, Mothers: Possible evidence that fathers are putting in more work than current belief says?

Egyptian men’s revolution stage demonstration for child custody : "The demonstrators believe that the family law favours women over men and demand that the women only get child custody until the age of 7 for boys and 9 for girls as the case was before 2005, when the law changed to rise the age to fifteen. Moreover, men object that the law gives custody priority to the maternal grandmother or maternal aunts before the father in case the mother remarries or cannot take custody, preferring custody to any woman within the mother’s family over the father. "

A little something I've been chilling out on this week.

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