Monday, July 11, 2011

Talk about screwing up the life/work balance

With the advent of various forms of social media different people make different uses of it. Some use it to keep in contact with others. Some use it to play games. Some use it promote their business or cause. But did you know that some use it to decide if you are a worthy candidate for a job?

Now that employers are able to look up your social media presence it begs the question of where exactly is the divide between your work and your life.

Don't get me wrong I'm not talking about obvious stuff that would get you turned down no matter how they found out about it like engaging in illegal activities. I'm talking about simpler things like say drinking. Of course you wouldn't want to hire someone that's an alcoholic/drunk. On the other hand while seeing a few pictures of you drinking does tell a few thousand words they may not really tell the whole story. I've got pics and status updates about alcohol on my Facebook account like a lot of people does that make me a drunk/alcoholic? Certainly doesn't unless I'm the worst drunk/alcoholic ever by the fact of the matter that instances when I drink are very spaced out.

And also its understood that one should keep their work life separate from their outside work life. That's going to get harder now that your work life can peruse through your outside work life (which I think is salt on the wound initially caused by mobile phones, on the real, expecting someone to be reachable at all hours in pretty messed up). And I suspect it will get worse (the company I work for is currently working on plans to get into social media).

So the next time you are doing a kegstand you might want to think twice about posting it on a social media site. It might cost you a job opportunity.


TitforTat said...

We have used the net to inform us of the personalities of new employees. For us drinking isnt so bad unless youre doing body shots. There is one thing to do it, another to post pictures of yourself doing it. >:o

Endless Summer said...

However, someone might take photos of you doing it, and then tag you.

Danny said...

That's the thing though. At your place of work drinking isn't too terrible but at other places they may frown upon it. And like Endless Summer says the tricky part isn't to make sure you don't post, its making sure no one else posts it.