Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nevelle Longbottom is the man

(This post is more about the movies than the books but I'll be spoiling them a bit, even the final movie, so tread carefully.)

Okay Harry and Ron were cool and all but if you compare those two to Nevelle you'll see that Nevelle actually developed and changed over the course of the series unlike Mr. Weasely and Mr. Potter.

For the first three movies Longbottom was that kid that everyone made fun of. If it was time for an embarrassing moment Nevelle was the go to guy. His spells would fail, his potions didn't turn out right, and it looked like he would be that outcast that's just a part of the scenery dominated by the main characters. (But he did stand up to the main trio and tried to stop them from going out past curfew). That changed in the fourth movie.

The Goblet of Fire was pretty much a teen movie with the winter social, the visiting mages from the other schools, and high school crushes that left you wondering if you were watching an old episode of Saved by the Bell. If you recall when Professor McGonagall was showing the Gryffindor how to ballroom dance for the upcoming winter social take note of something. While all the other guys were playing wallflower (and after McGonagall "volunteered" Ron to be her partner for the dancing demonstration) did you see Nevelle take to the floor? Even after the lesson and the guys gathered back in the the Gryffindor common room (speaking of were ANY of the female common rooms shown in the movies?) you see Harry and Ron giving Nevelle the weird look as he practiced his dance steps. Who knew Nevelle would have the last laugh?

So when the winter social came up where were Ron and Harry and where was Nevelle. Potter and Weasely were sulking because the girls they wanted to ask already had dates to the dance (which in turn left the two girls they "settled for" miserable too). Meanwhile Longbottom took Ginny Weasely onto the dance floor and made it his.

By Order of the Phoenix you see my man taking up the fight and joins the underground efforts against Voldemort's forces. I have to say I got a rush out of seeing him practice his magic. Harry told him to practice and keep at it. And he did. Low and behold he was a part of the main six in the big fight at the end of the movie (along with Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasely, and of course the main trio).

For the most part Nevelle wasn't really in the picture that much until the final throwndown (there was that part where two Deatheaters stopped the train to Hogwarts and he stands up to them to say Harry's not on the train, after calling them losers). But damn he delivered. After Harry lost the first round of his final confrontation with Voldemort it was Longbottom that stood against him and tried to rally the troops, even as a captured Hagrid was cradling the body of a dead Harry (or so we thought). After that he actually takes the Sword of Griffyndor (remember it will present itself to Griffynfor student it deems worthy) and fights. And I don't know about you but when he killed the final Horcrux (Nagini, Voldemort's pet snake) it looked liked he had some King Leonidas in him.

One thing I wish they had showed (and it might be in the books) was him finally working up the courage to talk to Luna Lovegood. If I recall the last time those two appear onscreen was Nevelle sitting down beside Luna after the battle is won. So maybe they do get together, I would have really liked it if he was at the train station after the 19 year jump, possibly with Luna seeing their own kids off to Hogwarts.

As I say with it comes to development and change I think Nevelle actually did more of that than even the main trio. I like the guy. Not bad looking either in that last movie. Although I don't think I'd fuck him. However if I were to indulge myself in using the term WILF (Wizard/Witch I'd like to....) there is one...

That's right. Oh you thought I was going to say Hermoine didn't?


elementary_watson said...

There is a great recap of the book here , which includes this line (in the part about chapter 29):

<blockquote>Neville fucking rocks. No wonder Voldemort didn't mark Neville as an equal, he knew when he was outclassed. </blockquote>

And I would have thought you'd say Bellatrix, at the end ...

Danny said...

Yes Nevelle does indeed fucking rock.

Oh there's nothing wrong with Bellatrix. If I were making a list she'd be one of my top 3 (with Luna at 1 and Ginny Weasley at 3).

Eagle33 said...

You know, when I saw the final part of "The Deathly Hallows" in the theatre, when Neville had his moments to shine and delivered the decisive blow (Killing the snake) that turned the tide towards Harry's favor, his courage and daring-do mixed with that everyday persona reminded me so much of the movie version of Frodo's gardener and friend, Sam, in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

You have someone who makes mistakes and is considered no one special except by Frodo but by The Return Of The King, he sacrifices everything to help Frodo (Rescues him, fights off the spider before it can eat him, carries him up mount doom as Frodo begins to weaken). In the end, his character developes from a supportive servant to a brave warrior that gives back what Frodo gave him in their friendship. Yet he still retains that everyman quality that makes you want to root for him.

I couldn't help but see reflections of Sam in Neville's transformation.

Danny said...

True Eagle. I had never thought about Samwise and Nevelle like that.

From what I understand in the books Nevelle's role is actually a bit deeper, I think someone who read the books had told me that at some point its even said that under different circumstances Nevelle could have been the chosen one instead of Harry. And when I think about how Nevelle's parents died around the same time as Harry's I think its possible that we could have been reading Nevelle Longbottom and The Philosopher's Stone.