Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The inevitable Facebook pages

I'm a bit surprised that I forgot to look up Facebook for any pages springing up in support of Catherine Kieu Becker, the woman who allegedly drugged her husband, tied him up, chopped his penis off, throw it in the garbage disposal (and turned it on), then called the cops saying that "he deserved it" when they arrived on the scene. Well despite the violence of such an event there are of course people trying to defend her actions.

First we have the Catherine Kieu Becker Fan page. From the wall of that page
Men think they can do or say whatever they want to and about women and women can't stand up for themselves. Ok so a British woman gets her head chopped off at random and it becomes a huge joke but some guy get's his dick chopped off by his scorned wife/soon to be ex and guys everywhere are going apeshit at any chick who thinks that if the dude deserved it then he deserved it. What r u gonna do? Ur angrier than the dude who got his shit chopped off. Anyway, I don't see any hard facts in this case that say's that he didn't deserve it. Cum at me with some solid, evidence that say's that this dude didn't deserve to involuntarily supply her with the main ingredient needed for some Wong Hung Lo soup. In all seriousness, I made this page because I made a few comments in support of Catherine Kieu and the amount of hate mail I received over my rather tame comments were immense. Am I for women? Well I am one so yes. Am I a man hater? I'm happily married to one so no. I don't like men who like to cheat on women and batter them. Women get abused every day. They got persecuted for thousands of years. To this day some women are forced to live in horrendous conditions yet you don't hear these same men crying foul over some dude's wang saying anything about what women have to go through. I've even seen lots of jokes about women being told on sad news stories about women. It's a double standard and if men can joke about the misfortunes of women, then I can joke about this dude getting his junk sliced off with one swoop of a 10 inch blade. Yea, his junk wasn't even able to be reattached. She turned it into meat paste using a penis blending garbage disposal. I made this page because I feel that Facebook should have a penis joke page. It will probably go unnoticed. Maybe it will be the most hated among men. Maybe I can get some awesome castration jokes. Either way, it's for shits and giggles so enjoy. FREE CATHERINE KIEU!!! I LOVE YOU LORENA GALLO!
1. I don't see a damn thing in that spew that actually gives evidence that he actually did deserve it.

2. Say it with me, No one deserves to have that kind of violence committed against them.

3. The fact that this woman is actually cheering this act of violence on really makes me scared for that man that she's supposedly "happily married to".

4. I've already reported this page. Feel free to do the same.

Next up we have Free Catherine Kieu Becker.

Alright well now. Here we have another page that supports this woman. Oh and look at the left side to see that the person running this page likes Lorena Bobbit, Aileen Wuornos, and Snapped (that's a show that runs on the Oxygen network, stories about women that "snap" and commit violent crimes, because we all know that women only commit violence when a man makes them do it).

Take a few minutes to look around, see Becker supporters get all hurt and shit over how they got hatemail for supporting her, and then report them.

You know if those Becker supporters really cared about the women who have had violence committed against them by men and not just using them as ammo to support their own anti-male hatred (and I bet Ginmar is having a fucking field day with this) I would think that they would at least have the respect to remain quiet. But no they'll give their support to violent women then cry bloody murder when they get called for the hateful misandrists they are.

Fro tip to Mensactivism.org.


Clarissa said...

" The fact that this woman is actually cheering this act of violence on really makes me scared for that man that she's supposedly "happily married to"."

-Hear, hear! It is horrifying how many people are indulging their sick fantasies as a result of this horrific crime. This is an act of unspeakable cruelty that does not - can not - possibly have any justification.

Have people just gone insane all of a sudden?

Danny said...

And bear in mind that these are (more than likely) people who cried bloody murder when Facebook pages popped up supporting Chris Brown when he assaulted Rihanna. What scares me about those people is just as you say, the fact that they think something like that was justified. This woman drugged and tied this man up before doing that so self defense is out the window, yet people are trying to say that he was probably cheating on her or he was probably abusing her like that shit makes that okay. Even if that were true what happened to leaving a guy?