Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm keeping a running tab...

If there is one thing that movies, tv, video games, anime, and politics have taught its that there are people in this world who have no problem using tragedy to push their agenda. And I get the feeling that the recent terror attacks in Norway will be no different.

In case you don't know last week a man by the of Anders Breivik bombed a building and went on a shooting spree at a youth camp. As a result nearly 100 have had their lives taken by this extremist. Something this big will not pass without people trying to get their agenda pushing jollies off. Let's see.

Anders Breivik, Anti-Feminist MRA?: Hugo Schwyzer hits the ground running with a two hit combo by saying that Breivik was targeting feminism with his shooting spree and then jabbing at MRAs by trying to liken him to their movement.

And Here Comes The Video Game Backlash Due To The Norway Tragedy: Techdirt reporting on a few spots where people are quickly trying to attribute these attacks to the fact that Breivik played video games.

I get the feeling that these won't be the only attention grabs from this. Have you seen any that you want to share?


Ah it looks like David Futrelle is getting in on it too. Don't be fooled by his mention of Muslims in his first line, which he tries to use to shut down Toy Soldier who called him on it. Throughout the post he mentions Ismlam 4 times, Muslim 4 times, Feminist 9 times, and Feminism 7 time. Don't be fooled he made damn sure to pick his ammo carefully. Oh and also follows in Hugo's steps in trying to link him to MRAs. Nevermind that Mala Fide called him a madman that needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. As far as I can tell Spearhead hasn't said anything on it yet. Checked out a Mensrights reddit and there's clashing sides (mind you I don't like the idea of race neutral but the point at hand here is that there are those that are cheering for it and others denouncing it). Pelle Billing has said anything on it. The last time I looked at A Voice For Men (last night, for some reason I can't pull it up now) they've not said anything.

Fro tip to Toy Soldier.

Not surprising to see it at Shakesville. But I am surprised I didn't see it here first.

I'll admit that I haven't done any special hunting for these links. They are just links I've found in my regular everyday surfing.

You sick vultures can you at least take enough time to acknowledge that nearly 100 people are dead before you start trying to figure out how you can twist such a horrible act of terrorism to your own advantage?

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Tim said...

Did you see the post over at Toysoldiers blog ?
He adressed the same topic.

Danny said...

I saw it just after getting to work this morning in my Google Reader but I couldn't get to the blog at work. Thanks for mentioning it Tim.