Friday, July 1, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Extra Stage!: A Song That You Could Put On Repeat

I didn't have answer for Challenge 26 so here's my make up for it.

You know you have a song that you could leave on repeat and just get lost in it. A song that doesn't get boring. A song that you love to listen to. A song that takes to a special place.

What song is it?

For me its "Dreaming Out Loud" by Billy Paul Williams. Just a simple chill out beat that I can put on repeat and let go of the day and all its ills.


EasilyEnthused said...

For me, Voyager by Daft Punk - I have left that song on repeat by accident before - and next thing you know, it's 2 hours later and I"m saying "Hmmm, shouldn't this song be over by now?"

Politicalguineapig said...

'That's Just About Right' by Black Hawk. I like country, even though I'm currently estranged from it. And my new Santana CD just puts me in a trance, but most of the songs won't play in my Itunes.

Danny said...

I've heard this song before and just didn't know what it was called (BTW I'm horrible with recognizing artists). Thanks answering.

Danny said...

There's always room for Daft Punk.