Saturday, July 2, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Extra Extra Stage!!: A Song That You Just Have To Mention

To make up for using the same song twice (I used Debussy's "Arabesque" for Challenges 27 and 29) I'll give an open song post. For this I want you to mention a song, any song that you want to bring up but have not been able to in those last 30 posts. I don't care why you want to mention it. Just throw up a song.

For me the DDR player won out and I had to pay some homage to Captain Jack. As far as I know his track "She's A Lady" never appeared in any DDR game (because if it had I would have played the hell out of it) but interest in some of his other songs (like his rendition of The Village People's "In The Navy"). The lyrics are pretty out there but the beat is killer, and that's why I love this song.

So if you will chime off one more time with a song. Player's Choice!