Sunday, July 3, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Extra Extra Extra Stage!!!: Song Title Link Sentence

No I didn't forget about my end of the month routine I just set it off a bit because of that 30 Day Song Challenge I'm doing. And for the 33rd day of the challenge (and I promise this is my final entry on this) I want you to do a song title sentence. The rules are simple. Just take at least three song titles and make them into a sentence or two. Any genre, any artist, no holds barred.

Also I've decided in the interest of bandwidth to just link to the videos instead of embedding these from here on out.

I planned to do this earlier today and out of nowhere "I Would Die 4 You" by Prince just popped into my head. Haven't seen Purple Rain in a hot minute and there were no Prince references around me when it happened so I just went with it.

My Darling Nikki, Take Me With You and Let's Go Crazy.

Alright I'm done with songs until the end of July. Later!