Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who knew flashing was about the arousal?

I myself was of the mind that the reason flashing was against the law because its rude to go around public flashing your genitals at innocent people. Well according to the law in Berlin it would seem that said flasher must also be in an excited state.

Annette Kaiser of Berlin is a known flasher that freely shows off her nude body in public. Well considering how many times we've seen stories of men flashing in public and getting (rightly) punished for it you would think that a woman would get the same right? Wrong. It would seem that Kaiser is able to avoid arrest because in Germany flashing is not a crime unless the flasher is sexually aroused.

So basically since Kaiser doesn't have a penis that it immediately rises to attention when its aroused (yes I know that erection doesn't equal arousal but we'll let that go for the moment) authorities say they cannot tell if she is aroused when she goes around flashing therefore they can't arrest her.

Does this mean a man can show his penis off in public as long as its not erect?


elementary_watson said...

As I'm from Germany and have an often flaccid penis, I could try and find out by experiment ... But somehow my intuition tells me this isn't a good idea, no matter what the legal outcome may be.

Tim said...

"Does this mean a man can show his penis off in public as long as its not erect?"

That depends, do you want to hold your flag into the wind because you enjoy being naked or does it get you off when people look at your genitals ?

The law in Germany distinguishes between nudism and exhibitionism, whereas nudism is simply being nude as an impression of yourself and exhibitionism is the act of shocking/harassing people or getting yourself aroused.

Being nude itself is legal on many beaches and lakes or is at least tolerated (no one bothers to call anyone). Simply being nude in public can have restrictions, however it is not a crime, but cab be a minor demeanor if someone feels harassed and can get you a fine (which is very dependant on where you are exactly, this is city law and not state law) and then only when someone files a complaint.

This amounts to a 'No judge without a complainant' situation. As long as nobody complains you can pretty much walk around naked as much as you want. There are for example nudist clubs with several thousand members in Germany that organise stuff like naked hiking or riding in more rural regions without any problems at all.

I think this is one major cultural difference between Germany and the USA. While being frowned upon there, so-called FKK is often regarded part of your culture and has about 60 years of history here.

Danny said...

Yes that might not end well for you EW.