Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 55

I think I'm running out of greetings.

Charged With Murdering Her Mother-in-Law, Rosa Hill Says Stress of Custody Battle Made Her Do It: "Prosecutors say Rosa and her mother spent months meticulously planning the murder and above all stockpiling a variety of weapons including a crossbow, pepper spray ,stun guns, guns, an axe, and a sword. They also researched things like the properties of nerve gas. The problem came when they were only able to kill Selma. Eric, hit by a stun gun, fought back and prevented them from taking his life."

Why White Men Should Refuse to Be on Panels of All White Men: Yes that does sound all hip and progressive and shit but why not up the ante. Instead of just backing out why not recommend someone in their place?

Jail for student who cried rape for homework time: But let me guess this is another one of those cases where a girl simply would not lie about being raped because there's no incentive right?

If I had photoshop skills I would so add the Eye of Sauron to this.

China acknowledges first aircraft carrier: China trying to stake its claim as a naval power someday?

Make Your Blog Into A Book: Talk about taking bookmarking to the extreme. (See what I did there?)

Truly Easy Homemade Cheese: Sounds good. I didn't think you could make cheese with store bought milk though.

Court Affirms Transfer of Custody to Dad in Giordano Case: A little more info on the custody case that's now known as "The Case of the Mom that Lost Custody Because She has Cancer".

SUPPORT OUR PARTNERS: SAFEWAY: Safeway doing its part to fight prostate cancer.

UT Latino Male Symposium - June 24th, 2011: Symposium on Latino males in education.