Friday, June 3, 2011

Comment Test

Test post. I'm playing around with the comment system. I've got a person (that would be you Jim) who comments on my posts but his comments never show up. If this keeps up I'm really thinking about migrating to Disqus. (Jim if you comment do you mind adding some info like your browser and OS and maybe I can figure out why your comments don't show.)


Danny said...


April said...

I vote for Disqus. People always complain about it, but I've had the fewest problems with it, as far as commenting platforms on Blogger are concerned. Their native commenting system sucks.

JutGory said...

I do not like Disqus.
I have tried to comment over at ethecofem recently and have not been able to post my comments.
Oh well, they might be happier with that result. :)

Danny said...

I don't know. It seems like Shakesville puts a post up complaining about Disques about once a month now.