Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pain's Bay Fire 2011

If you hadn't heard there (and since there are no mansions over here you probably haven't) has been a wild fire going on over here on the coast for about the last month or so. Thankfully its mostly been going on in a remote area where there are few people living and those few people have not been in much trouble of having their homes or lives actually being endangered by this fire. So far its taken out over 20,000 acres and the only major issue is that while there are not many people in the area the smoke from the fire has managed to occasionally block HWY 264. Oh HWY 264 you ask? Well that's on of only two ways to get to the Outer Banks. Depending on which way the smoke is blowing the smoke is so thick it becomes in possible to pass through.

But anyway last week I had to go through that area (thankfully on a day it was open) and I managed to snag a few pictures. Pretty messed up.


Pains' Bay Fire 2011, a set on Flickr.