Thursday, June 16, 2011

Obedient Wives Club?

Okay I knew that things were messed up in Malaysia when I read about what amounts to Camp Misandry. But to further push the point there also seems to be something called the Obedient Wives Club there as well. The point of this club you ask? To show women the key to a blissful marriage. What's the key?
As a new bride, 22-year-old Ummu Atirah believes she knows the secret to a blissful marriage: obey her husband and ensure he is sexually satisfied.
No. I know I'm the last person to ask marriage advice from but I'm pretty sure that sex and obedience are not the key.

I think its pretty clear there are some very poisonous ideas going on here such as this:
"Sex is a taboo in Asian society. We have ignored it in our marriages but it's all down to sex. A good wife is a good sex worker to her husband. What is wrong with being a whore ... to your husband?" [Rohayah Mohamad]she said.
While I'm all for a wife being a good sex partner to with her husband I think this turns marital sex into a transaction and I just don't think transactional sex has a place in a marriage (sure in casual situations but with the person you're supposed to be life long parters with?).

But what really put a bit of a smile on my face was a line near the end. Proof positive that there are men in general that don't want an obedient wife and Muslim men specifically don't want an obedient wife.
One Muslim man, Amirul Aftar, wrote: "I do not want a wife to submit to my every beck and call. I want a wife who understands me ... we are not your masters, we are your equal."