Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it me or are fighting game intros terrible these days?

I'm 30 years old and in gamer time that's pretty old. Mind you I'm not Pong old but I'm pretty far up there. Well in my advanced age I look to Youtube to listen to video game tunes that I don't have in my collection (yeah like so rare I can't even "acquire" them by other means). When I do this I find myself replaying them repeatedly. Why? Because they fucking rock. Also it just doesn't seem like composers are putting the same heart into their music as they used to. And to me this difference really shows itself in fighting games.

Take for instance this intro to Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

Yeah the video itself is cool but the music, its frankly not memorable. But don't let that fool you because the game itself is actually pretty damn fun.

On the other hand check this out from Dynasty Warriors 1 (back when it was a fighting game and not a hack and slash):

The game itself was great back in its day (1997) but by today's standards it doesn't hold up. However I'll take that opening intro any day of the week. That music just really gets me going and ready to play.

Next up listen to the intro to Street Fighter 4:

Now we got boy bands doing fighting game intros...dammit.

But go back a few years and peep out what was used in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (I tried to find a clip of the actual intro sequence but it seems like everyone on youtube is just sharing the same bad audio quality version of it. This is the full version of the track. But damn even the character select music was tight in that game.):

Well I could go on like this forever but I won't. I'll just say that when it comes to fighting games I have to really get into the music to want to play and today's fighters just aren't doing it for the most part. As a parting gift I'll leave you what I think it hands down the greatest fighting game intro ever done, Soul Edge. Two things, 1 in all my years of playing this game I have NEVER skipped the intro and 2 I decided to buy this game after hearing nothing but this intro. And I was not disappointed. Take it easy.

Because 14 years later when I hear this song I am still amped up to fight. There is just something emotional about this track that really gets to me.