Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Standard?

(Even with the majority of the video blurred out this is still a pretty tough thing to watch. Just to let you know its a video of two girls holding down a boy and stripping his clothes off, as a third person records. Tread carefully.)

The video also includes coverage from a local station and of the mom showing her surprise over there being no apparent repercussions over what's happened. The police report apparently even refers to it as a prank. (I'm not sure if that's the police saying so or if that was the boy using that word, the boy who didn't realize it was a crime.)

I think its pretty obvious how this would have gone down if it were the other way around. If this were two boys stripping a girl in broad daylight like that people would already be on both sides arguing (some calling for the boys' blood and declaring them sex offenders and some jerks victim blaming). But as we can see here the story barely gets any attention when its girls assaulting a boy. (Hell I'll bet it would be all over the feminist blogsphere.)

However if he is seriously traumatized and does not get the help he needs on this and grows up to be a man that hates women THEN people will suddenly care. But not because he was a person that didn't get the help he needed but rather because he's another woman hating jerk.

On the real if we are going to get better as a society we gotta stop running these gender checks to determine how much we are about a problem.

I found another link when trying to look this up. Couldn't help but notice a distinct lack of big network coverage on this. Other than that hit from a Fox affiliate (on page two of searching "2 girls pin down and strip boy" on Google) this story is simply not getting a lot of play.

Shoutout to Eagle33 for pointing it out.


Eagle33 said...

Your welcome, Danny.

As I orgiinally mentioned, I dare anyone to look at this video and say to me, with a straight face, that boys and men have it easier in society more than girls and women.

And I could give a shit about the excuses like "It's an isolated incident. An anomoly". Anyone who tries to deflect the issue like that as far as events like this are concerned is an inhuman twit! This goes for both sexes.

Also, anyone who says "He got lucky" should be put in the same situation so as to learn a little lesson on empathy.

Danny said...

No problem Eagle. It really is a shame that this story has gotten little to no play just because of gender (and yeah its my official opinion that gender is the one and only reason for this erasure).