Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About Thomas Ball

So while I was out of town last week a man by the name of Thomas Ball left behind a manifesto before killing himself by fire on the steps of a New Hampshire court house.

I'm going to bypass the feminists that are lining up to call the guy all sorts of names (and of course declare themselves victims since the document left behind blames them) and pretty much spit on his grave. I'm also going to bypass the MRAs that want to use his act as a rallying cry for the cause.

No I want to say that while his treatment may have been proof of a double standard (I must admit I'm a bit amazed at how quickly he was arrested and charged) it does worry me that he felt he had no other resort. Somewhat like the suicide bombers who go to the ultimate extreme I can't help but be concerned about people resorting to such acts of violence (and let us be at least somewhat thankful that he only did this to himself instead of physically harming others).

Just a damn shame.