Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Stage 8: A Song That You Know All The Words To

The name of the song is "Ordinary World" by Aurora. A dance mix of the original Duran Duran track. And yes that is a Sailor Moon amv.


elementary_watson said...

The easy answer: Happy Birthday to you (yeah, I even know the *second* verse).

Harder version: Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell.

And now, I'm checking when the next Karaoke opportunities are in my region ... :-)

Marc Jones said...

The Motion City Soundtrack: The Future Freaks Me Out

Its got some wired lyrics

"What's up with Will and Grace I don't get drum and bass the future freaks me out"

but it's a really great song I always crank it up and sing along with it cheer myself up whenever I'm feeling down

TitforTat said...

The best love song ever written.
"I remember you"

Bema said...

many, many Lady Gaga songs. Also, many, many Madonna and Shania Twain songs.

Danny said...